Tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for pay-per-click with Google and Yahoo ad marketing and seeing less return and rising cost? Tired of click fraud reducing your ROI? We can move you to a natural/organic optimization plan that will save you money and yield the same results over time.

Website promotion plays a key role in determining whether your online business will sink or swim. Yet website promotion can take time away from what you do best – running your business. That’s why so many business owners choose us to handle their website promotion. We offer a range of website marketing solutions that can boost your ranking in the search engines and generate buzz about your business.

Our website promotion service consists of feature article writing and distribution, directory submissions, link exchanges, press releases, and social media marketing. Each of these techniques can be extremely effective at driving targeted traffic to your site as well as increasing your Google ranking.

We do not accept all clients. We work with sole proprietorships and small businesses only. How does this help you? More one-on-one time with the SEO. You do not have to be filtered by multiple layers of management to get things done. Corporate SEO companies have at least 3 layers of people to talk to and you hardly ever speak to an SEO directly. At Webwej, you speak with the boss and SEO at the same time. All the time.

Corporate SEO companies are going to charge you overhead. Webwej is a team of trained technicians that do not have overhead, taxes, insurance, 401K, etc. We are all trained in specific tasks and complete your task affordably, quickly, and within your budget!
Webwej website promotion service – what we do

Effective website promotion (search engine optimization) is an ongoing process. Webwej will analyze your website, keywords, and industry and determine an appropriate marketing strategy to effectively promote your website. The goal of the strategy will be to obtain a high search engine profile on Google and other search engines. This will in turn result in increased traffic to your website. A high Google ranking is largely determined by the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to your website.

Our service has years of experience in building strong backlinks which result in high Google rankings. Each month we will perform one or more of the following link building services: article distribution, high quality directory submission, press release distribution, classified ad listings, manual link exchanging, social media marketing, and more. When you are ready to improve your web visibility and create web authority for your website, we are ready to help.
Service Rates

Our website promotion service is on a per keyword per month basis. It is very important to be consistent in your website marketing approach. Strong search engine results always takes many months to achieve. It’s impossible to say how long good Google results will take to obtain, there’s simply too many variables at play. But good results always do happen with the promotional methods we employ. You can get started with promoting your website for a single keyword now, or contact us for multiple keyword payment. Be sure to contact us with website information and any questions you have prior to or after ordering as well.