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Getting your website up and running is an accomplishment to be proud of. Unfortunately, this is only the first step in growing your business. You also need to actively think about how you will drive traffic to your site. Promoting on social media is great for building brand awareness, but increasing your search engine rankings is vital to the growth of your business. In addition to creating rich and unique content, one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is through external links. And getting links to your website from other websites can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. There are companies that specialize in doing this. But you can’t trust just any company to build links to your site. Because if it’s done too quickly, or the links are not of high enough quality, the results will actually HURT your site. Luckily there are a few companies that build links and do an amazing job: Fatjoe, Click Intelligence, and NO-BS Marketplace.

I’ve personally used all 3 of these link building services and I can tell you they are top notch. They are native English speakers who understand SEO in their bones and their top priority is delivering high quality results. They all have great reviews and ratings from actual users like me.

What are external links?

External links (sometimes call anchor links) are links to your site that appear on another (external) website. These links generally appear on sites with similar or related topics and help to validate the validity of your business or service.

Why are external links so important?

External links provide a couple of benefits. The first, and arguably most important, is that Google likes external links. The number of external links that point back to your website is one of the main factors they consider when ranking websites. In this way, external links act like popularity contests. The more places that have links to your website, the more valid and authoritative your business becomes.

External links also drive more traffic to your website. As you get more traffic, you can continue to grow and add more external links. In this way, the growth of your website becomes almost cyclical.

Lastly, external links provide organic publicity. The more places you can advertise and market your services, the more visitors you will get. Because external links often appear on related websites, the marketing is less blatant, more contextualized, and more organic. Instead of ads encouraging people to click, external links are embedded in relevant content to drive more meaningful clicks.  

How do link building services get external links?

The process of accumulating external links, called link building, is an evolving process. You can’t simply dump your links onto a bunch of other people sites. To do it well can be time consuming. You want to find similar, reputable websites willing to work with you to create content beneficial to you both.

You can certainly do this on your own, or you could hire a link building service – with connections and expertise in the process – to help. There are some link building services that will make big promises of hundreds of links and a spot on the coveted first page of search results, in very little time. However, these “too good to be true” services can end up costing you in the end.   

Many of them use “black hat” links (bad links from disreputable sites). Google will recognize these sites as illegitimate and penalize you for bad external links. Instead, you want a link building service that focuses on popular sites with high authority. These “white hat” links are the keys to your success.

There are several excellent link building services that will help you improve your search engine rankings and grow your website traffic organically. These three services will boost your website ranking responsibly.


FATJOE provides both link building and content creation services designed for SEO agencies and marketing teams. They offer several premium services including blogger outreach, niche editing, local business citations, press release distribution, and infographic promotion.  You can choose from any or all of these services and manage them all from one user-friendly dashboard.

Because FATJOE is designed for agencies, all their services are designed to be resold and scalable. They provide the highest quality services that can be sold individually or as part of a more robust marketing package. Their hassle-free services are all white label, with a 100% confidentiality guarantee, so clients won’t know FATJOE built your links.

FATJOE has a talented outreach team with a broad network of publishers. They have established relationships with bloggers and influencers in a wide variety of industry as well as a team of top-notch writers. They provide you with valuable backlinks to high authority websites.

Ordering with FATJOE is quick and easy and can always be managed through their intuitive dashboard. Within this dashboard, you can download comprehensive reports to better understand your website performance and keep you in control of your marketing strategies.

FATJOE delivers amazing quality with quick turnaround times thanks to an efficient combination of manual and software-based processes, all their services are completely scalable. But what truly sets FATJOE apart is their unparalleled customer service. Their team of experts can help you decide which service will be best for your specific needs. They’ll then be available at every step of the process to ensure you are satisfied.

Trustpilot score: 4.5

Link cost (starts at): $48

Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a team of digital marketing experts who work with both agencies and retail clients to deliver increased website traffic, leads and sales. If you are looking for an all-in-one-agency to grow your business, Click Intelligence is a great option.

Their link building services are varied and robust. Choose from blogger outreach, multilingual link building, broken link building, PR outreach, curated links, resource link building, iGaming link building or any combination of the above. The professionals at Click Intelligence can work directly with you and your in-house PR and marketing teams to deliver backlink services or as a white label SEO reseller. 

Depending on your specific business needs and goals, Click Intelligence will help you employ the most effective link building service. They will take the time to thoroughly research your industry and help you identify your key audiences and attract dynamic influencers. They provide high quality backlinking, so you’ll never have to worry about the dreaded Google penalties for “black hat” links.

Before diving in, your dedicated Click Intelligence representative will perform an audit and analysis of your current link profile to avoid potential problems and deliver the most effective link building strategy. They have a talented team of writers who will create relevant and engaging content in addition to their experienced outreach team who are continually building relationships with popular journalists, bloggers, and influencers. As a result, you’ll get high quality links that drive organic growth.

Click Intelligence offers full transparency with detailed reports to measure each link building campaign. Their easy-to-understand pricing allows you to see exactly what you’ll get and choose the option that makes the most sense for your business.

Trustpilot score: N/A

Link cost (starts at): $78

NO-BS Marketplace

NO-BS Marketplace positions themselves as a revolutionary platform that is both a link-building marketplace and a project management tool. NO-BS Marketplace allows clients to customize projects based on their in-house SEO strategy, track progress and access white-label reports from one intuitive dashboard.

NO-BS Marketplace is ideal for both in-house marketing teams and agencies. The platform allows users to control which projects are accessible by different users, manage multiple companies, move projects between companies, and to delete, edit, and archive projects.

NO-BS Marketplace offers guest posting, sponsored content, image insertions, and editorial links. You’ll find relevant publishers with quality, contextualized content across a wide variety of industries.  They have an extensive network of bloggers and publishers of high-authority sites making blogger outreach hassle-free.

Agencies can expect scalable strategies to help retain clients and the ability to collaborate with your team and easily manage clients’ projects. You’ll get a dedicated account manager, white label link building and reporting, and excellent pricing with a guarantee of live links for six months.

In-House Marketing Teams can expect a dedicated account manager to assist with your backlinking strategy. You’ll get automated reporting in your branded collateral, an easy-to-use dashboard to track your progress in real time, invoicing support for your accounts department, full publisher transparency before making a payment and guaranteed placement. You can also choose to provide your own content or let the NO-BS team create it for you.

NO-BS Marketplace also offers a self-service option that allows you to fully manage your entire link-building process and strategy. You can browse NO-BS’ comprehensive database of bloggers and publishers, each with brief summaries and relevant analytics about their website performance. Once you select and purchase a certain website, you always have the option to reject it and select another more suitable one.

Trustpilot score: N/A

Link cost (starts at): $130

These are the Best Link Building Services I’ve Ever Used

Each of these amazing link building services will give you the results you need, helping to drive organic traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings. They all take steps to ensure there are no black-hat links that will result in costly penalties. They are experts and understanding and navigating the algorithms and nuances that drive SEO. They’ve built solid reputations as leading, reputable linking building organizations and are eager to work with you to grow your business using the most effective link building strategy for you.

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