My 3 Month Halo Collar Review

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Here’s the story of how I came to buy a Halo collar to allow my dog free reign of our 2 acre yard in Charlottesville, Virginia. Chances are it’s similar to your story (or will be).

We got a Beagle puppy about a year ago, Pickles, and we wanted him to be able to roam around our 2 acre yard. I assumed that I would need to hire an electric fence company to install a fence boundary wire to keep Pickles in our yard. But the cost of this would have been at least $1200 for our yard. But when searching for cheaper in-ground fences, I stumbled upon another option.

pickles wearing halo collar
Pickles the dog

Now there are wireless fences that don’t require the installation of a boundary wire at all. These work by emitting a signal from a base unit that extends out a certain distance. These cost $300 or so. This sounded much cheaper and easier to get up and running. But there were a couple of drawbacks I noticed:

  1. These units only covered a circular area – my yard is not circular.
  2. The most powerful units only covered 1/2 an acre – my yard is 2 acres.

But then I discovered another option: GPS collars. These fences, actually collars that receive GPS signals, allow you to setup a fence of any size. You simply tell it a center point and how big to make the circle. Then if the collar (and dog) approach that circular shaped digital fence, they are warned with a beep or vibration. Ok so a circle still didn’t match the shape of my yard, but I could make it work. By playing with the center point and radius, I could make it so that most of my yard was covered.

I found this type of GPS collar on Amazon for about $100 – perfect! This solution for Pickles would be cheap, easy to setup, and a pretty good fit, area-wise. But then something happened.

What happened next was I received the collar from Amazon. It seemed straightforward enough. Just program the starting point and radius, oh and also the strength of the beep and vibrate and shock warnings, into the collar. It’s just got 4 buttons but this thing was very difficult to work with. It wasn’t clear if, when you pushed one of the buttons, that the device recognized that you were pushing a button. The screen was very hard to read in the daylight. There was a terrible delay while waiting for the GPS satellites to connect. I couldn’t tell how to turn it off and on. I couldn’t tell if the warning levels I entered were saved. I didn’t know for sure where the center of the circle was. You were supposed to reset the circle center each time it was turned on, which apparently you needed to do everyday. This thing was so frustrating to work with that finally I stopped trying. I simply couldn’t do it any more.


And then I discovered the Halo Collar. I learned that this collar uses GPS too. But with Halo you can make a fence of any shape, not just circular. This collar not only uses GPS to setup fences of any size and shape, it uses GPS to locate your dog at any time. So you can track your dog if you want to know exactly where he is (especially if he were to get out of the fence).


After my earlier disappointment with a GPS dog collar, I didn’t hesitate to buy the Halo collar. On sale I bought it for $700. Yes a bit pricey but so far this product and company seem to be the real deal. They have an actual user manual written by an actual English speaker. They have training webinars. They have real time support live through an app. Oh and yes they have an app (my 8 year old son introduces the app in below video). The app allows you to setup fences – as many as 20 at a time anywhere you want. So you can setup one at the beach when you’re on vacation. You can setup one at grandma’s house when you visit her there. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with the collar and tell it your intentions clearly. Once your dog is trained it just works the way a fence should. It allows Pickles to run wild the way he wants to yet keeps him in our yard.

Notice the coherent English sentences. So refreshing!

Halo collar has clearly been well thought out by a team of pros. There’s nothing cheap or flimsy or half-assed about it. It, and it’s software, are solid. I sure wish I would have applied the wasted $100 on the bad collar towards the Halo collar. I also should have bought the Halo collar about 6 months ago. But hey at least I have it now.

halo collar beacons
Beacons keep your dog out of areas where he shouldn’t be, inside or outside your home. Inside beacon is included with collar, outside is not.

So How well does Halo collar work?

I’ve just had Halo a few months now. But so far it works flawlessly (almost). During the training period, the indoor beacon seemed not to work a few times. But apparently this can happen due to interference occasionally. Fences are really easy to make using the app. And Pickles turns back from the fence right when he hears the warning beep. If he were to continue there would be a vibration from the collar. And he went beyond the fence, there would be a shock from the collar. (Halo never uses the word shock, but yes it has a shock feature)

Halo collar being charged.

Does Halo Collar Shock My Dog?

Halo collar provides 3 types of corrections to your dog: audible, vibration, and static correction (they don’t use the word shock – but that’s what it is).

Is it waterproof?

Yes the collar is fully waterproof.

Is a monthly fee required?

Yes a monthly subscription is required since the collar uses cellular towers to communicate. Here’s the plan costs and details.

  • Basic Plan: $4.49 /month – lets you create up to 20 automated fences with access to the data, storage, basic tracking, and training content you need to keep your dog safe with even more peace of mind.
  • Silver Plan: $9.99/month – provides with even more customizable options, advanced activity tracking, historical data, and logs to track your dog’s feedback response progress over time.
  • Gold Plan: $29.99/month – includes premium training lessons released each month, live sessions with expert trainers, and Q&As with experts to get personalized training support.

Is Halo Collar worth the cost?

In my mind the answer is clear. Yes. If you’re tired of cheap products with bad instructions from China, then yes. If you’re tired of limitations in fence size and shape, then yes. If you’re tired of poor on non-existent product support, then yes. If you really want to protect your dog and know where they are all the time, yes.

If you think Halo is right for your situation, you can save $50 by using this coupon: RL4PK4HU

Happy Pickles!

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