Web.com Site Builder – Highlights and Reviews

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Web.com has become one of the most well-known options for quickly and easily making your own website. Registering for an account and creating a new website takes about 10 minutes, so this is a great option for users who need to get a website set up extremely quickly. For starters, Web.com gives you a domain name and an email address as well as a high storage allowance and various subscription options. 

A basic account, which allows you to build your new website yourself, costs $1.95 for the first month and $10 a month after that. The second option adds on an “online store” option, which features both the DIY website builder and all the tools you’ll need to start selling products online. This option is $3.95 for the first month and $20 a month after that.

If you need help or would rather a pro handle making your site, Web.com also offers an option to have in-house designers create your website. They will create a custom website design and copy and make sure your site is SEO friendly to help it rank highly on Google. They’ll make sure that your custom website will reflect your unique brand and set you up for success online. Contact them online or call them at 855-573-4266 to get a design quote.

Creating a website yourself on Web.com is rather straightforward, as you are provided with a basic, generic layout or several templates to choose from. After the layout is selected, Web.com offers a great “help” document that provides all of the information needed for first-time site builders. The main functionality of Web.com’s site building is the so-called block editor. You are able to choose headers, footers, notices, photos, text, maps, and more, and drag them around to wherever you want them on the pages. If you opt to have Web.com experts make your site for you, you’ll have a consultation with a few of them to go over your options before they get started. 

Perhaps two of the best features of Web.com are its anti-spam and anti-virus protection as well as the fact that it allows you to ensure your website is computer, tablet, and smartphone friendly. Web.com also supports the most well-known open-source scripts and allows tech savvy users to customize their HTML and CSS. Keep in mind that while the ease of use is extremely attractive, most other website builders offer more ways to truly customize your sites and make them your own.

If you hit any snags when you’re registering or using Web.com and the existing help center database doesn’t answer your question, Web.com support can be reached via an email ticket, a live chat, or by phone at 866-923-8821. 

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