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For small businesses, up-and-coming brands, and entrepreneurs, knowing how to get news about your company out into the world can feel like a daunting task. Whilst there have never been more ways to tell the global community about your business, finding routes into widely read publications and websites can feel unmanageable without a large advertising budget or the right contact list.

That’s where Brandpush come in. They’re an Estonian-based company who guarantee to have a positive article about your product published on at least 200 international news sites within just a week.

For relatively modest prices, they can help get your brand out there and on numerous platforms simultaneously. In just a few days, you could find your company name in front of the eyes of literally millions of readers.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the service Brandpush offer, to help you decide whether their service is well-suited to your company’s specific needs. We’ll be breaking down price points, thinking about some of the pros and cons, and surveying a range of the features that a Brandpush service package has to offer.

Who is Brandpush designed for?

Brandpush is a service primarily designed with small or up-and-coming businesses in mind. Brands that are looking to get their message out there in a fast and affordable way, but who feel they lack the human resources or budget to approach big publishing platforms themselves, are likely to find what Brandpush has to offer attractive.

Brandpush are also great for companies who, in their own marketing campaigns, want to be able to broadcast the fact that their product has been discussed or featured in various prestigious publications, such as USA Today, Fox News, MSN, or Bloomberg.

Having articles about your product appear across so many online platforms simultaneously can also help with Search Engine Optimization and generally boost traffic to your own company pages across the board.

It can also help establish brands as being publicly known or, as some social media companies like to call it, a ‘public figure of interest’. This, in turn, can help relatively new brands get their social media accounts verified on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, lending credibility to their product and providing them with a trustworthy public face.

What are the advantages of Brandpush?

Brandpush have received positive reviews from many of the companies and individuals who have enlisted their help so far and boast an impressive roster of testimonials from satisfied clients. User feedback has often focused on the speed and efficiency of the service, with Brandpush capable of getting content distributed and published in a matter of days. The company have also been praised for their personable, helpful customer service.

Brandpush claim to be able to craft news stories that frequently rank towards the top of search engine results, helping to boost your company’s visibility in a short space of time. Indeed, many users have reported a noticeable increase in traffic to their own company websites shortly after having hired Brandpush to help distribute their message. Some testimonials have also noted that, with just a few well-placed articles, a brand has been able to achieve social media verification relatively quickly.

Brandpush also offer a customizable ‘as seen on’ badge that businesses can use in their own marketing campaigns. This can be a great way of demonstrating to customers that a brand has been mentioned by impressive news outlets and online household names, such as Business Insider, Associated Press, and Digital Journal.

The fact that Brandpush can confidently get a product shown across at least 200 online platforms also gives companies something to shout about. In many instances, Brandpush even manage to exceed their initial guarantee, with customers reporting that their content ends up landing on more than the advertised 200 publications.

If you hire Brandpush to craft content for you, that content is provided to you to use after it has been distributed however you see fit. You can take and edit the text they’ve written based on your prompts and use it for future marketing campaigns and promotions. Brandpush will also provide you with detailed publication feedback so that you know exactly where and when your article has been displayed, helping you report back to colleagues regarding this part of your promotional campaign.

What are the disadvantages of Brandpush?

In terms of customer feedback, few major issues with the company have been raised. Most clients appear to have enjoyed a smooth, positive booking experience that has then brought about notable benefits for their brand.

Some questions have been raised regarding the quality of original content written by Brandpush, meaning that those who are keen to keep tight control of the messaging may wish to write the promotional copy themselves. It’s noticeable that having Brandpush write original content for you only costs a small amount more than if you write the material yourself. This could suggest that Brandpush invest most of their effort and expertise into their publishing and distribution process, rather than hiring talented, thoughtful, and experienced writers.

Brandpush can work with a range of brands and businesses, but decline to help promote some niche or adult-themed services, such as gambling, pornography, or political organisations. They also have a relatively broad list of services, including crypto, dating, and live-streaming, which they can only publish via their ‘alternative’ package. It’s worth checking their website to see whether your particular business has access to the full range of options Brandpush offers.

Although Brandpush advertise the fact that they can have your promotional content appear on a range of well-known websites, a few of these particularly impressive sites actually require an additional charge on the part of the user. Notable examples are MSN, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! News, none of which come as part of Brandpush’s package deals. For their content to appear in any of these publications, customers have to pay between $550 and $650 for each website. 

What alternatives are there to Brandpush?

Brandpush are certainly not the only company offering to publish and distribute promotional articles across a wide variety of platforms. Many other start-ups and online marketing firms offer similar services, often stressing the speed and efficiency with which they can have your brand in front of readers across the globe.

Some competitors in the field include Contentellect, EIN Presswire, and 24-7 Press Release Newswire.

How much does Brandpush cost?

Brandpush offer 4 main packages, each geared towards different levels and types of exposure, and each coming with a different price tag. You can then pay an additional cost if you would like Brandpush to craft the article based on the basic information you provide.

Their ‘Popular’ package, which includes publication via Fox News, Benzinga, Digital Journal and more, costs $195. This is advertised as a great option for small businesses offering traditional products.

Their ‘Alternative’ package targets a greater number of news outlets, although it excludes Google News. It focuses on publications willing to display articles on more niche-topics, such as crypo trading, dating services, and alternative medicine. This package costs $254.

Their ‘Authority’ package focuses on getting your content into just six of Brandpush’s most respected, ‘high authority’ publications, including Business Insider, NewsMax, and the Associated Press. This is marketed as being the best option for those looking to boost their brand’s search engine presence and site traffic. It costs $565.

Finally, the Brandpush ‘Ultimate’ package offers both high authority publications and the widest spread of other news outlets, mixing high impact with high volume distribution. This premium package costs $695.

On top of these distribution deals, Brandpush charge an additional fee if you would like to have them write the content for you.

A 350 word article with 2 revisions permitted costs $34.

A 500 word article with 3 revisions permitted costs $64.

A 700 word article with unlimited revisions costs $94.

My Review

I’ve used Brandpush three times in the last 2 months for client sites and this is what stands out.

  • The ordering process is super smooth. Not all services are like this. They don’t hassle you for a bunch of details that you don’t know or don’t care about. Just click ‘Order Now’ and you’ll be done in about a minute.
  • Their team communicates very well. This isn’t always the case either when ordering similar services online. They let you know they received the order, when it’s time to approve the writing, and when they distribute. It’s really nice to be kept in the loop like this.
  • The reports are really helpful. They show you a list of sites with your news release, the traffic the sites get, etc. Here’s an example.
  • Traffic results: seems like the sites I’ve used Brandpush for get about a 25% boost in traffic for a few days and then it gradually levels off.
  • SEO results: too soon to tell. Yes you get links from lots of very high DA websites, but is the content considered original by Google? I’ll update this post when I know more.

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