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Savvy content creators, marketing strategists, and social media gurus have been eyeing up ways that AI might be able to help in their sectors ever since the first prototype text generators became publicly available.

Now, as new AI tools continue to be developed regularly by various tech companies vying to fill different niches, it’s not surprising that AI-enabled content generators are becoming ever-more tailored to specific industries and roles.

Video content for social media has become an increasingly vital prong for many a small and large business’ marketing strategy. But generating original, timely, and consistent video scripts and social media posts can prove to be a laboursome process.

Even companies with dedicated social media staff capable of writing sharp, smart copy can struggle to know what to post and when. Without the right analytic tools, it can be difficult to know what’s trending, what questions are being asked by customers, and what sort of content is likely to prove useful to consumers at any particular time.

That’s where Syllaby comes in. It’s an AI tool designed to simplify and streamline the whole process of content creation, specifically video content made for social media. It’s set-up to mimic a tried and tested content creation workflow, from market and keyword research, all the way through planning, writing, and recording your script.

But with so many other AI-enabled tools proclaiming themselves to be the most cutting-edge, must-have weapon in a marketing manager’s arsenal, how does Syllaby compare to the competition? Where does it excel, where does it fall down, and is it worth the monthly subscription fee?

Today, we’ll be embarking on a comprehensive review of this exciting new software, covering core features, pros and cons, a bit of brand history, and pricing, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to add it to your own content creation toolbox.

Who made Syllaby?

The team behind Syllaby started out as a social media marketing company. They claim this makes them uniquely placed to have designed a piece of AI-enabled software that specifically serves content creators, marketers, and social media producers.

Not only that, but they say that their own tried-and-tested workflow for researching and generating original, effective content has been used to inform the workflow of Syllaby. Their software aims to lead you logically through the process to help with consistency and scheduling.

Who is Syllaby designed for?

Syllaby is primarily designed for social media marketing teams, small business owners, content creators, and anyone who wishes to produce original, timely video content for any of the major social media platforms.

Its SEO research feature makes it particularly useful for professionals who rely on catching trending topics whilst their still hot, as well as video producers who want to give their clips the best chance of reaching wide numbers.

Blog writers and other forms of content creators can also find plenty to assist them here. Syllaby can be used to create longer, text-based articles, as well as produce AI-generated plans for practically any topic or business niche.

What are Syllaby’s core features?

Syllaby’s core workflow extends from its ability to research and recommend top article and script titles based on trending topics, search engine data, and other analytics. It then proceeds through the initial research and planning stage of content creation, to script generation and, if you wish, recording.

All these processes are driven by advanced algorithms and designed to aid savvy content creators and business owners looking to help their brand stay relevant on social media.

First, you type in the area of business or service you’re interested in producing content for. For example, a personal trainer might be wishing to create content around ‘improving cardio fitness’. Once that is typed in, you then state an audience you wish to target. For example, alongside ‘improving cardio fitness’, you might type in ‘men over 40 years old’.

Once Syllaby has these two core indicators of what you want to produce, its advanced algorithms generate a list of recommended article titles. These are based on recent search engine data indicating the sorts of questions that customers in your named demographic have been asking. It also provides you with a ‘competition’ rating, advising how much content has already been produced based on a particular title, a feature which can help steer you away from producing material on questions or topics that have already been well served by the online community.

You can then select any of these titles and take it through to Syllaby’s planning stage of the workflow. Here, you can have Syllaby generate article outlines and structures based on various content styles, including explainers, product demos, and social media videos. You can also instruct it to generate content in a particular tone, currently limited to professional, upbeat, or funny.

Once your content outline has been created, you can either use this as a springboard to write your own copy, or use Syllaby’s built-in content generator to produce an original script or article. The lengths provided by the software are set to match the major social media platforms, including short Tik-tok-esque 30 second clips and extending up to 5 minute, long-form pieces designed for YouTube.

Finally, the Syllaby digital twins feature allows you to generate an AI-avatar and voice-over based off of your finalized script. This saves you from having to record and produce your own videos, though of course removes a great deal of human touch from the process.

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What are the advantages of Syllaby?

There’s no doubt that the SEO and content research feature of Syllaby really makes it stand out amidst a growing field of competition.

There are also scheduling features embedded within the whole workflow that make it far easier to structure and plan content marketing strategies, as well as time-mark scripts and videos ready to be released weeks or even months ahead. It means, in theory, that you can generate and arrange plenty of content in advance, helping with consistency as well as saving on time.

Finally, many users praise the ergonomic, logical workflow design, something that is clearly tailored to help content producers who don’t necessarily want to grapple with complicated software, coding, or arcane AI procedures.

What are the disadvantages of Syllaby?

Scripts generated by Syllaby are rarely going to be the unique, viral-worthy, flavourful content that any top social media marketer will be wanting to post. They lack personality and are best used as an impressive foundation rather than as a finished product.

Some users have also commented on how fine-tuning the tone of each generated script beyond the three software presets isn’t really possible, leaving you to do this manually.

What alternatives are there to Syllaby?

In terms of SEO focused, content creation workflow software that takes you all the way from start to finish, there aren’t many pieces of AI-enabled kit on the market that can do what Syllaby does in its entirety.

That being said, there are a number of AI video generators that can be used to develop original video content from scripts, such as Synthesia and Adobe Express, which may do a more polished job of the final piece.

There are also a number of popular text generators capable of producing original scripts of varying lengths, most famously Chat-GPT, but also Jasper, Copysmith, and Writesonic. 

How much does Syllaby cost?

Syllaby currently offers a transparent, competitive subscription rate of $49 a month.

There are no scaled subscriptions or varied levels of access, making it easy to budget, and saving you from having to worry about which features you may or may not need. All the software’s features are included for that single monthly price.

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