These 3 Long Tail Keyword Tools Will Blow Up Your Traffic

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Anyone who runs an online business or has a website likely understands the concept of keywords. Keywords are words or phrases people type into Google when they need to search for a topic or product. They are essentially how search engines find websites and decide who to put at the top. Keywords are short one to two word phrases and that (ideally) define what your business or content is about. Therefore, when someone types “women’s sneakers,” any website related to women’s sneakers would be listed in the results.

However, “women’s sneakers” could yield any number of results from places to buy them to reviews to stories about them. Because these two terms are vague and general, they will have a higher search volume and consequently much more competitive to rank. To elevate your website, you need to use longtail keywords.

Longtail keywords, as the name suggests, are longer, more specific keywords or phrases. For example, “women’s blue running sneaker size 7.” Now, you’ve given the search engine more details to look for in websites. These longtail keywords will have more words and adjectives, generating a higher rank for your website. Because they are more descriptive and targeted, they are much more likely to convert customers who are looking for something specific.

Ranking search engines is complicated but long tail keywords are vital. While it may seem like more generic keywords will get you seen more, it actually just means you’ll continue to get buried by everyone else who uses those same keywords. Longtail keywords may have a lower search volume, but this means less competition and a higher rank. They are essential to newer or less established websites and can help your website grow increasingly popular.

It makes sense that the easiest way to attract more customers is to find out what they are searching on Google and then create content and products related to those searches. But knowing how to find the ideal keywords and what to look for when establishing a longtail keyword strategy can be difficult.

Finding data like the search volume and rank value is time consuming and frustrating. However, longtail keyword software is designed to help businesses grow by improving their search rankings and converting more customers.

There are several services that claim to offer the most robust data and insights, but these are three of the best longtail keyword research tools.


LongTailPro is designed to take all the guesswork out of keywords. Their software runs keyword and competitor analysis across 13 different metrics. Their software makes running and understanding keyword competitiveness and determining keyword profitability with rank value easy.

LongTailPro has comprehensive features that will take you through every step from analyzing your current keywords to researching more effective ones to ensuring you stay up-to-date with relevant longtail keywords. Their Keyword Analysis Tool makes streamlining your keyword selection process simple.

Their pull up keyword metrics allow you to instantly see how well certain keywords will work for your campaign, so you see profitable results. With the LongTailPro Rank Tracker, you can track search results daily, and stay on top of your search ranking. If your rank starts to fall, you can quickly make adjustments as necessary.

Find keywords that meet your preferences using LongTailPro’s Filters. You can filter according to your average CPC (cost-per-click) bid, search volume, rank value and several other indicators.

Using LongTailPro’s Competitor Keywords mode, you can gain insights into your competitors. Run an audit of their keywords, and compare them to your own, across a number of metrics to build a strategy that will consistently outrank the competition.

One of the best features of LongTailPro is their extensive website filled with video lessons, tutorials, and articles. The Long Tail Bootcamp will get you up and running quickly with the basics while Long Tail University offers more advanced support and tips.

LongTailPro offers three pricing packages to meet both your needs and your budget. You can pay monthly or annually and start with a 7-day trial to see which plan is right for you.


KWFinder, (part of the Mangools suite of SEO tools) is another great longtail keyword research tool. It is perfect for those new to SEO and keyword searches as it has a user-friendly interface that is super easy to use. It has all the powerful features you need to find the best keywords for your industry or niche without any expensive or excessive functionality.

Mangools offers keyword analytics so you find the most accurate SEO difficulty and search volumes. They also provide in-depth SERP features, CTRs and over 45 SEO metrics, in locations across the globe. It also helps track your ranking with notifications for significant changes and interactive reports.

Mangools even helps you find powerful backlinks with filters that will save you time and the headaches of searching on your own. They also help you track and better understand the competition with their SEO Authority and Popularity metrics. These essential tools are exactly what you need to establish a longtail keyword strategy that will get results.

In addition to its ease of use and useful features, Mangools also has a team of SEO experts ready to assist you and help you learn more about longtail keywords. Their team is made up of SEO experts who can help with any issues big or small, anytime day or night.

The Mangools website has helpful tool guides and several free learning materials (like an SEOpedia and regularly updated blog) to help get you started quickly.

Choose from three levels of service available for monthly or annual payment. Their basic package starts at $29.95/month and offers 100 keyword lookups/24 hours and 25 competitor keywords/search, as well as other fundamental features.

Their premium plan starts at $39.90/month and offers 500 keyword lookups/24 hours and unlimited competitor keywords/search in addition to other benefits.

Their agency plan is $79.90/month and gives you 1200 keyword lookups/24 hours and unlimited competitor keywords/search and the most generous features.

Mangools offers a 10-day free trial to help get you started and occasionally runs special offers so be sure to check where you might save some money.

Keyword Tool

If you’re budget is tight, Keyword Tool is an excellent longtail keyword research tool because it’s absolutely free. You don’t even have to create an account. Their free version generates up to 750+ longtail keyword suggestions for every search term and works 99.99% of the time.

Keyword Tool works by using Google Autocomplete which is designed to speed up searches on Google. Autocomplete suggests terms based on a variety of factors including how often users searched with certain terms. Keyword Tool uses this technology to generate longtail keyword suggestions in an intuitive interface. Keyword Tool shows keywords, products, and hashtags commonly searched globally.

In addition to helping you find the most relevant keywords, Keyword Tool is excellent for International SEO. Keyword Tool allows users to pull keywords from 192 Google domains and generate longtail keywords in over 80 languages.  

If you still need more, Keyword Tool also offers more advanced analytics for a subscription fee. Keyword Tool Pro gives you greater search volume data for up to 70,000 keywords a day. You’ll also get CPC data, Google Ads competition data, competitor keyword analysis, bulk search volume analysis as well as user accounts. This plan starts at $79/month.

They also offer Keyword Tool API to automate and accelerate your keyword research process. The API gives you 2 times more keyword suggestions than the free version as well as precise search volume data, CPC, Google Ads Competition (CMP) data that can be localized to any country. A Keyword Tool API subscription starts at $299/month or can be paid annually for up to 20% off.

Keyword Tool offers a 30-Day money back guarantee so you can try their services with no risk.

Having a Keyword Strategy is Critical for Website Success

While we all use search engines to research products and ideas, we may not often think of the technology behind the terms we search, or the keywords embedded in the content we consume. However, keywords are the lifeblood of search engines. They are one of the biggest factors in getting your website on the elusive first page of search results.

Having a good keyword strategy – beyond the generic and broad terms everyone else uses – can help your website climb the ranks of search engines. Longtail keywords, with their specificity and descriptive terms, are a great start to elevating your SEO game. Unfortunately, finding the right longtail keywords can be tricky and time consuming, especially for beginners.

Try one of these 3 great longtail keyword research tools to help you get started on crushing your competition, moving up search engine rankings, and to continue climbing.   

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