Why I Love SiteGround Hosting and You Will Too

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SiteGround Summary

When I first started looking for a hosting company, the entire process was overwhelming. There are so many different factors to consider, like uptime, storage, your monthly traffic, load speed, support, and security. Once I found SiteGround, I knew it was the right hosting company for me. Whether you are running a simple blog or scaling up to a high-traffic eCommerce site, SiteGround has the perfect solution to meet your needs.

What is SiteGround Hosting?

Started in 2004 in Bulgaria, SiteGround is now one of the most popular hosting companies operating worldwide. This is no surprise as the company provides hosting solutions for more than 2 million domains. Some of the reasons that SiteGround is so popular is its dedication to delivering exceptional service and for providing customers with the resources they need to manage their sites successfully.

SiteGround is focused on providing a superior hosting solution for all types of websites. This means they provide hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce, Weebly, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and PrestaShop sites. Additionally, their team is continuously developing and rolling out new products that make managing your site as easy as possible, with the latest being a redesigned user area.

Quickly Build Your Site Yourself

Gone are the days where you needed to hire a web designer to code and develop a website from scratch. Now all you need is a site builder like WordPress or Weebly to quickly make a new website even if you have zero coding experience. SiteGround makes it easy to use one of these site builders for your site.

All of the plans offered by SiteGround include access to a free version of Weebly. If you’re a first time user and looking for a simple site, Weebly is a great option. However, if you’re aiming to grow your site over time, WordPress is ideal. WordPress is currently the most popular Content Management System, offering thousands of themes in varying complexity. SiteGround makes it easy to use WordPress by including a free installation in all of the plans they offer.

Site Migration Made Easy

If you already have a site developed and are merely switching hosting companies, SiteGround makes it easy. Migrating existing WordPress sites is hassle-free with SiteGround thanks to its WordPress Migrator plugin. Don’t have a WordPress site or need additional help? SiteGround has you covered, as they also offer professional website migration services for reasonable prices. With these services, their experienced team will do all the work for you, including transferring all of your files and databases. Choosing this option makes the process smooth and easy.

The Perfect Solution for WordPress and WooCommerce

With WordPress powering nearly 38% of all websites, SiteGround has put a lot of emphasis on making it easy to use WordPress on their servers. Part of these efforts includes making sure their hosting infrastructure is fully optimized for premium WordPress performance. This includes ensuring security is up-to-date, providing expert customer support, including optimization plugins, and continuously working to build site tools in-house to improve WordPress sites’ performance. So it’s no surprise that SiteGround is officially trusted and recommended by both WordPress.org and WooCommerce.

The Plugins You Need

Having the right plugins installed on your site can make all the difference. Plugins can help get your site up and running with the needed functionality before you know it. Rather than struggling to code it yourself, properly link it to the database, and ensuring it’s properly secured, plugins do all the work for you. This is why SiteGround emphasizes ensuring their users have access to the best WordPress plugins to optimize their sites.

Two of the most helpful plugins SiteGround has developed for users are the WP Starter plugin and the SG Optimizer plugin. The WP Starter plugin features a library of themes with all essential plugins pre-selected to help users get their site online in no time. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect theme and features that will help you launch your site quickly. Meanwhile, the SG Optimizer plugin helps users improve the performance of their WordPress site. The SG Optimizer plugin focuses on optimizing images without deteriorating quality, improving loading speeds by removing unnecessary characters from CSS and JS files, reduces the actual size of your web pages, scheduled database maintenance, and caching. Once you have your SSL Certificate, the SG Optimizer plugin can help make sure your site is running correctly with a forced secure connection. All of this allows your site to run faster.

Security Is A Priority with Siteground

Nearly 30,000 websites are hacked every day. This makes security a top concern for anyone creating and hosting a site. To help users protect their users’ sites and their customer data, SiteGround has a team of professionals dedicated to keeping track of software vulnerabilities on both the server and website level. Once these vulnerabilities are identified, they focus on developing patches to prevent potential attacks and are continuously improving the firewall on their servers.

Hosting with Technical Superiority

When it comes to choosing a hosting company, you want to pick one that is up-to-date on tech trends. With SiteGround, you get just that. Not only does the team focus on using the best technology, they actively work to develop new solutions to meet the exact demands of users. For instance, SiteGround was one of the first hosting providers to use Linux containers and secure account isolation. They have also developed a proprietary AI software that helps prevent attacks on their users’ sites.

Cloud Hosting

One of the ways that SiteGround can provide their excellent hosting services is by using Google’s most powerful processors to provide cloud hosting to users. This is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, this is one of the fastest and best-connected networks available, helping give users fast load time for their sites. This is also supported by using SSD persistent storage with a high-level redundancy, minimizing any downtime for your site.

Datacenters Throughout the World

When a datacenter is close to the visitor, webpages will load more quickly since there are fewer network hops, which can delay load time. At the moment they have 6 data centers on 4 continents: in USA, UK, NL, SG, AU and DE. Additionally, SiteGround works with Cloudflare’s CDN network with locations in more than 194 cities across 90 countries worldwide. All of this helps users keep their content close to their visitors, ensuring that their sites perform as efficiently as possible.    

Convenience Is Paramount

SiteGround is all about making hosting easy, and they do this by offering fully-managed service to clients that host on SiteGround. Managed service includes things like automatic WordPress updates, running the latest PHP version, and static caching. You can also get daily backups, free SSL Certificates, and email service with SiteGround’s Managed WordPress Hosting.

If you’re ever stumped by something, you crash your site, or need to undo a change and restore a backup, SiteGround has an online support squad ready to help round-the-clock. These experts have years of WordPress expertise and can help you tackle all your WordPress issues. So rest assured that you’ll get the support when you need it most.

What Sets Siteground Apart

There are many hosting companies out there for you to choose from, but it’s clear that SiteGround is dedicated to ensuring users have an excellent experience. It’s no surprise that the company is famous for its reliability, focus on security, premium support, global coverage with its datacenters, and tons of happy clients.

SiteGround is also renowned for continually working on building resources to simplify the process of hosting your own site. In fact, SiteGround has recently built its own user area that makes it extremely easy for users to set up a site and get started so they can get back to what’s important, be it writing their blog or running their business. SiteGround has set itself apart from the crowd by introducing a new Ultrafast PHP setup for GoGeek and Cloud plans. Currently, no other hosting company is offering such a feature.

Another feature that makes SiteGround truly unique is its auto-scaling ability. Their autoscale feature allows automatic adding of resources to a cloud account in times of traffic spikes without any service interruption. The system checks the resource usage every 5 seconds and when an increasing consumption is noticed, it reacts accordingly. To my knowledge no other hosting service provides this, and certainly none at this price point do.

Why You’ll Love SiteGround

Running a simple site myself, SiteGround has been just what I wanted in a hosting company. The entire process is simple to use and the support is excellent. There’s always someone available to help whenever I have a question. Whether you are a blogger, have an eCommerce site, or are a developer looking for a hosting solution, make sure you check out and shortlist SiteGround.

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