WordPress Plugins Every Site Should Have

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If your site is created with WordPress, then plugins can help you truly take it to the next level. From improving its SEO potential to making it faster, from integrating social media to keeping it safer, plugins are the answer. We’ve tested a wide variety of different plugins and here are just a few of the cream of the crop worth a closer look.


A drag & drop tool that allows you to quickly create and integrate contact forms. There are few better ways to encourage visitors to get in touch than this online form builder, which also enables you to create customer user registration and login pages for repeat visitors.


Available in both free and premium packages, this is a multi-faceted tool that brings a huge host of improvements. Site security, load speed, image optimisation, appearance customisations and a lot more are more easily managed with this plugin.

Yoast SEO

A tool that can be integrated to immediately help you improve the SEO of your website. From keyword research to on-page auditing, you can make sure every page is designed to make them as search engine friendly as possible.


This plugin is designed to do one thing only: improve your load speed. It quickly runs through your site, analysing it for issues that are slowing your user experience and giving you quick fixes that rarely take more than a couple of clicks to implement.


Google Analytics is huge for understanding how customers user your site, what content and pages work well, and what doesn’t. MonsterInsights integrates it into your website, allowing you to track engagement, how users found your site, and much more.


If you want to add things to sell to your WordPress website, then WooCommerce can be used to effectively host your own eCommerce platform. Drag and drop design makes it easy to customise store appearance, with extra features to help cover shipping options, payment options, and much more.


One of the best WordPress security tools around, it’s designed to stop hackers by looking for vulnerabilities in your site. It offers a wide host of one-click solutions for the most common breaches. It also has scheduled scans, so that if any new vulnerabilities are opened up, you can act on them much more quickly.

Constant Contact

Whether through comments or contact forms, your WordPress site can collect a lot of emails. Constant Contact helps you quickly build lists from these emails and send newsletters, offers, and more to your users.

Nivo Slider

A simple but effective tool that makes it easy to create smooth, sliding image galleries. They can be used as an attractive header, to show off a range of different products you’re selling online, or to create aesthetically appealing highlights of popular recent posts.

There’s a truly huge range of different plugins designed to help you improve and optimise your site. Try the ones mentioned above and keep following the blog to see the latest and greatest as they’re released.

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