6 Best AI Email Automation Tools

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Tired of spending what feels like half your work day sifting through endless emails and crafting careful responses? Artificial intelligence has a lot to offer when it comes to cutting down the time you need to spend buried in your inbox.

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the leading AI-enabled email automation tools, from marketing software that can help launch, track, and analyze complex sales campaigns, to cutting-edge text generators that draft personalized messages from just a few prompts.

What Do AI Email Automation Tools Do?

It’s been estimated that the average American spends up to 30% of their working day reading, responding and sorting through emails. With so much time tied up in people’s inboxes, it’s no wonder that AI-enabled tools have been developed to try to lighten the load.

Here are some of the useful and innovative ways AI-software has been engineered to help streamline email workflows.

Incoming Mail Analysis

Artificial intelligence is most at home when processing large amounts of data. Parsing and analyzing human language is just one example of this.

Modern AI tools can help you and your company extract and synthesize important information from thousands of messages in mere seconds.

Why not use AI to help generate summaries from complex email chains, or to-do lists from lengthy instructions? It can help keep your contact lists up-to-date by scanning recipient signatures. It can run ‘sentiment analysis’ to gauge the tone of individual messages. Any time you need textual information analyzed for its content, register, or purpose, AI tools can lend an algorithmic hand.

Inbox Management

Once AI has analyzed information, it can be instructed to categorize and sort emails based on any number of characteristics – tone, recipient type, primary topics, keywords, and more.

With sophisticated AI software, the time you spend burrowing through unread messages, working out which email needs to be forwarded, which needs to be responded to, and which can be put on the back-burner, can be cut down immeasurably.

For larger teams, AI software can also be used to allocate and monitor individual colleagues’ efforts, helping reduce unnecessary duplication and wasted energy.

Email Writing

When people think of AI automation, they often think of text generation software.

Crafting emails that are precise, concise, and in an appropriate register can be a real challenge for time-strapped workers. With modern AI text generators, you can draft professional, personalized emails with just a small handful of basic prompts.

You can even shape your AI tool to your company’s specific needs using templates, AI-driven forms, and other conditional formatting. This can equip you with ‘ready to use’ responses that can swiftly be tailored to suit specific situations.

Sales Data and Campaign Analytics

As well as generating compelling marketing copy, AI also excels when it comes to tracking the effectiveness of email campaigns and cold mail-outs. Not only can AI software track when emails have been opened, it can also help identify when people have clicked links within emails, or when potential customers have completed desired actions.

With all this data, you can be provided with sophisticated analytics relating to large-scale ad campaigns, helping you pinpoint which material has been particularly effective in turning leads into conversions.

What Are The Best AI Email Automation Tools?

Now we’ve thought about some of the various ways AI can be used to help tackle email workflows, let’s take a look at some of the leading software on the market today.


Smartreach has been developed with large online marketing teams in mind. Its sophisticated AI-tools can be used to track and analyze outreach activities, monitor the effectiveness of specific campaigns, as well as generate personalized emails throughout all stages of a sale.

There are also advanced email sequencing options, helping you stop automated mail-outs when a team member is communicating with a customer directly. The software can also help you build IP and email address reputation, allowing you to by-pass spam filters and actually reach the people you want to reach.


Another tool that can turbocharge large marketing campaigns, Bloomreach is particularly impressive when it comes to its predictive AI capabilities. These tools can help marketing executives gauge potential audience reactions and assess which leads are likely to be most productive, before you choose to invest time and money in advertisement.

Once your campaigns are up and running, Bloomreach’s advanced tracking software can identify marketing channels that are proving especially lucrative, as well as highlighting trends relating to customer retention and behavior.

As with most AI-enabled email solutions, Bloomreach also comes with built-in text generators that can help you develop catchy headlines and marketing copy in a fraction of the time you might usually spend generating content ideas.


Grammarly is perhaps the most widely used AI-writing assistant on the planet right now. More than 500,000 websites and apps utilize their industry-leading software to help users write sharp, fluent, and grammatically flawless prose.

Their text generation software can be used to help write a whole range of content, but many people have found it particularly useful when it comes to emails. Grammarly uses a straightforward prompt system, within which you can easily adjust tone, audience, and other factors. It also offers powerful paraphrasing tools, for when you know what you want to say, but don’t quite know how to say it.

And, with some of the best machine learning algorithms in the business, Grammarly can rightly claim to offer some of the most ‘human sounding’ generated text on the market.


Flowrite is another text generation solution driven by impressive AI algorithms and machine learning. Their intuitive workflow can help workers write full emails from brief notes, single word prompts, or simple ideas.

Flowrite is an extremely versatile tool, stretching beyond just email communications. It’s helping an increasing number of companies write blog content, social media posts, internal reports, and more, all couched within a very attractive, easy-to-use prompt interface.

This useful tool allows you to shuffle and re-write emails swiftly, as well as introduce a number of templates, preferences, and other variables that go into shaping the output with just a few button clicks.


Mailbutler has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with most popular email management software, including Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail.

It has an impressive array of features that can allow you to reply to emails with a single click, analyzing the content of incoming messages and suggesting swift responses to help you cut through your inbox at a terrific pace. This is a great option for those looking for help with AI-enabled data extraction and text analysis, helping you take important content from incoming mail quickly, and turn that into equally quick replies.

It can also generate to-do lists based on email communications, summarize incoming mail, and improve spelling and grammar on the fly.

And if you want to ensure your communications are landing safely, Mailbutler has email tracking capabilities that can be embedded within your mail client, helping you see when outgoing messages have been read and by whom.


SmartWriter is primarily used as a cold-email generator, but one that prides itself on producing hyper-personalized, thoroughly researched messages.

The company claim their software can help you receive up to eight times the number of replies from prospective partners, by drawing on a range of publicly available data and then using this data to craft emails that speak directly to the recipient.

Some of the 40+ data-sets used by SmartWriter include blog posts, podcasts, LinkedIn profiles, and company websites. You select an individual you want to reach out to and SmartWriter will put together a message that references their achievements, responds to articles they’ve written, or engages them through topics they’re interested in.


AI email automation tools empower marketers to send more personalized and effective email campaigns, ultimately leading to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI. These tools have become essential for businesses looking to optimize their email marketing efforts in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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