Low Cost 800 Number Services for Your Online Business

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Getting an 800 number for your online business is smart, easy, and inexpensive. These numbers are toll free for customers and, as a dedicated business phone number, add legitimacy to your business. There are several services that provide 800 numbers with all the necessary functionality for reasonable prices.  

No matter the size of your online business or how quickly you respond to inquiries via email, many customers still look for a toll-free number to contact customer support. People often prefer to speak to a human to explain their situation or to ensure they’ve understood correctly. While your online business likely has a customer service email and chat service, an 800 number is great addition for those less internet savvy.

Toll-free numbers often come with professional greeting capabilities and the flexibility to do business anywhere. It gives you the freedom to hire remote employees as you can redirect business calls wherever your employees are located. It also provides you the ability to text customers which is growing increasingly popular.  

These nine services provide low cost 800 numbers for businesses with all the functionality you need and without losing quality.  


Kall8 is an excellent service for any business looking to add an 800 number. You can choose your own vanity number and benefit from their extensive features and online tools to manage all your business communications. In addition to fairly standard features like voicemail, call forwarding, and call blocking, you’ll get detailed call analytics, call history reports and call reporting. This fully integrated service allows you to track your calls and make any changes from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Kall8 has a pay as you go option as well as standard and premium packages. Additional features and options are available but for a fee. Be sure to understand exactly what is included before signing up. You can request a free quote or contact their helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives.


Grasshopper is another popular service that helps you keep your business calls and personal calls separate. Grasshopper provides small business with a toll-free phone number with plenty of features at prices you can afford.

You can get different extensions, custom greetings, auto attendant, call forwarding, and voicemail transcripts. Grasshopper works with your existing phone so there’s no need to buy equipment and you can easily send and receive texts. Set up is quick and easy.  Their search feature allows you to find or create a memorable vanity number. Or if you already have a number you love, you can easily port your current number.

They offer different plans at different price points so you can customize your needs and stay within budget. Their app is convenient and easy to use. Plans start at $26 per month and they do offer a free trial.


Nextiva makes securing and using a toll-free number hassle free. (You can also get a local number from anywhere in the US.)  They have an extensive list of features including a voicemail greeting, caller ID, call recording, hold music and call analytics. You can get extension or port an existing number.

With Nextiva, you can choose to receive calls on your laptop, desktop phone or your mobile phone. This flexibility is perfect for small businesses trying to remain within a budget. Their app and simple dashboard are intuitive and allow you to manage all your calls in just a few clicks. Getting started takes no time – just choose the right plan for your needs. Plans start at just $18.95 per month.

Ring Central

Ring Central is another popular toll-free phone service provider that is meant to seamlessly fit with your existing communications strategy. It is a complete phone system that is designed to be scalable and grow with your business.

They offer all the toll-free extensions like 800, 888, 877 and more. You can forward all calls to an existing number, get voicemails, call analytics, and message alerts.

Like many other services you can choose to take calls on any device like your mobile phone or computer. The Ring Central app allows you to manage all your calls, alerts, and notifications from the palm of your hand, so you decide when to work. Plans start at $19.99 per month.


Ooma has a comprehensive website that caters to both businesses and residential clients. They provide VoIP phone services and communications solutions to help businesses succeed. You can add an 800 number to any of their office plans quickly with their automatic generator or use their Ooma Office Manager to select a custom number. You can also assign an extension to that number.

Ooma offers features such as a virtual receptionist, music on hold and transfer music, and call forwarding. For an additional fee you can get things like video conferencing and voicemail transcription. They also have a smart mobile phone app so you can customize your preferences and get the most out of their services. Plans start at $19.95 per month.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy has built its brand mostly on web hosting and domain name services. However, with their SmartLine service, Go Daddy also provides online businesses with a toll-free number without the hassle of expensive and bulky hardware.

You receive the 800 calls right on your cell phone so you can quickly and conveniently engage with customers. You get to pick your number and can easily organize all your calls, voicemails, and texts in one place. The SmartLine mobile app makes it easy so you never miss a call and can set up your toll-free line in the way that makes the most sense for you and your business. Go Daddy offers options like do not disturb, customizable business hours, and number blocking to give you greater control of your communications.

They do offer a free month trial but check their website for latest pricing and details.


As the name suggests, phone.com helps you connect a business phone number to any device. In addition to a toll-free (or local) number, their basic plans include robust features like hold music, integrated mobile app, dial-by-name directory, call screening and recording, voicemail to email and more.

Phone.com offers a 30-day money back so you can try their service and see which plan works best for your business. You can pay month to month and reserve the right to switch plans or pay annually for a bit of a discount. Plans start at $12.99 per month but be sure to check their website to see which features are included.

Freedom Voice

Freedom Voice markets themselves as “the voice of small business.” With their CloudNumber service, they offer instant set up of an 800 (or local) number with an auto attendant, forwarding, and voicemail. With their free mobile app, you can stay connected by listening to messages, sending or receiving texts – even faxing. You’ll also have options such as voice broadcasting, hold music library, and professional voice recordings for an additional fee.

Freedom Voice is a great choice for small businesses on a budget but looking to boost their professionalism. Plans begin at $9.99. See their website for more details.

Mighty Call

Mighty call is another VoIP provider that can provide you with a professional 800 number to enhance your online business. They offer a number of useful features like call forwarding, call recording, VIP and blacklisting. Their mobile app gives you the capability to manage all your business communications from wherever you are in the world. Their Business Contact Book is particularly noteworthy as it allows you to save contacts and keep track of them electronically, so you always have access to them.

The basic Might Call plan is more expensive than some others on the list (starting at $29.99), but you also get more minutes (up to 1,000!), 2 toll free numbers and unlimited users. If you know you’ll need the extra numbers and additional minutes, Mighty Call is a great option for your business.

800 Phone Service Is Affordable

Having at least one toll-free number is essential to any small business. Not only does it elevate your business’s professionalism, it also helps you keep your Examlabs personal information separate from your business. While you can use personal mobile phone for most of the services above, having an additional toll-free number means your personal number and information can remain personal.

Each of these services provide basic functionality for most small businesses and aim to work within tight budgets. They offer excellent call quality but differ in some of the features they provide at the basic level and those that can be added for a small fee. Think about what your business really needs and then find the service that best suits those needs.  

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